All Sprinkler Systems Are Not Created Equal

All sprinkler systems are not created equal. Notice the word created. An irrigation system is not manufactured, boxed, shipped to a site and plugged in. An appropriate sprinkler system for your home must be individually designed, taking into account many factors in order to provide an efficient, effective and water conserving system.

Not all irrigation companies are created equal either. Because of competition, they are only concerned with hooking you with a low price, getting the job, installing it and moving on to the next unsavvy homeowner. And only a small percentage of irrigation contractors promote the fact that there is an on-going cost of irrigating your lawn.

If a homeowner is mainly concerned with price, a good irrigation company’s objective should be to educate the customer about what makes a quality irrigation system, why it’s smart to invest up front, and how it can save them money over time. Local water rates have increased over 30% in the last few years, and droughts like the one we saw in 2012 aren’t making this precious commodity any cheaper.

So here are several key areas that separate good irrigation from the bad:

  • Design. A quality irritation system conserves rather than wastes. This is a critical aspect of proper irrigation system design. The correct type of sprinkler heads and nozzles should be chosen for each area to ensure even coverage. The design should consider such things as sun and shade, slope, soil make-up and plant material.
  • Equipment. Incorporating upgraded product into the design will produce water savings of up to 40% or more. Using sprinklers with pressure regulation will prevent heads from misting, a phenomenon that wastes water through evaporation and blowing. Other devices like rain sensors, soil sensors and smart controllers are designed to shut irrigation systems down when adequate water is available for plants.
  • Installation. Even the best products are rendered useless if they are not installed properly. Poor installation technique can lead to not only a waste of water, but overspray onto sidewalks and patios, equipment failure, brown spots in lawns and damage to landscaping. A good irrigation company should have accreditations through their state and be trained in latest technologies.
  • Service. Your relationship with your irrigation company shouldn’t end when their trucks leave your home after the install. An irrigation system is a multi-faceted, evolving system, affected by many variables such as weather, plant life and homeowner needs. A maintenance program will keep a system working at its optimum. This is achieved by knowledgeable service techs who proactively straighten sprinkler heads, adjust watering times, and move heads to conform to changes in the landscape pays. A good maintenance program pays for itself.

As you can see, all sprinkler systems are not created equal. The company that you choose to work with can make all the difference.

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