Fall is your best time for Landscape Lighting

Have you thought about outdoor lighting? Many people are wishing that summer would return for one last splash, and others are looking forward to the rapidly changing colors of fall. One thing for sure, the days are getting shorter and the time spent out in the yard or on the deck in the evening is often cut short due to the earlier sunsets. Don't come home to a dark driveway Do you find yourself arriving home from work and pulling into the driveway and find it is almost dark? Don't miss out on the wonderful fall evenings, instead consider adding landscape lighting to your home. Consumer … [Read more...]

All Sprinkler Systems Are Not Created Equal

All sprinkler systems are not created equal. Notice the word created. An irrigation system is not manufactured, boxed, shipped to a site and plugged in. An appropriate sprinkler system for your home must be individually designed, taking into account many factors in order to provide an efficient, effective and water conserving system. Not all irrigation companies are created equal either. Because of competition, they are only concerned with hooking you with a low price, getting the job, installing it and moving on to the next unsavvy homeowner. And only a small percentage of irrigation … [Read more...]