Landscape Lighting


After all the time, effort, and expense you put into your home and landscaping, why lose that beauty once the sun goes down? If you enjoy sitting on your patio or deck on a summer evening, why sit in the dark – or worse yet – in the glare of your home security lights? A skillful combination of up lighting, wall washing and path lighting can enhance the character of your home as well as add safety and security. Our custom designed lighting systems can accent your home and landscaping the way you want it.

Maybe you prefer bold statements with dramatic focal points, or perhaps you prefer more subtle accent lighting that harmonizes with your home and landscaping. Either way, the choice is yours.  Low voltage LED systems consistently run more efficiently with less maintenance, and can be easily moved to accommodate for landscaping growth or changes. Call Custom touch Lighting and ask for a free demonstration to see how low-voltage landscape lighting would look on your home.