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Irrigation Services

Remember to service your irrigation system each season! Contact Custom Touch Irrigation for your spring startups, fall winterization blow-outs, mid-season repairs and adjustments, trouble shooting, general repairs and renovation of existing irrigation systems. Our experienced service team is trained to complete all system maintenance and is capable of converting old out-dated systems to new wifi, weather based systems.

Now is the time to look at how you can lower your water bills with upgraded water-efficient rotors, spray head nozzles with improved delivery and reduced run times, and wifi controllers that you can easily control from your smart phone.  Most importantly, be sure that your system has the appropriate rain/weather sensors to prevent the system from running during a rain event.

Tired of fertilizing or fighting with mosquitoes and other insects?  Ask about the options we have available to protect your family from these pests.

Custom Touch Irrigation is available to provide professional prompt service for your system needs. Contact us today!

Landscape Lighting Services

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