Low Voltage vs. Line Voltage

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Let’s start off by explaining what line voltage is, then we will compare the two. Line voltage is a term for the power that is used throughout your home or the 120v-220v power. This is what controls all of the outlets and switches in your home. Low voltage is 12v-24v taking the power from the home and converting it to a safe voltage for your kids and pets. The big reason why you do not want line voltage outside in your landscape is simple. Do you feel comfortable with your kids sticking a fork in the outlet? The answer is no, the same is true with line voltage fixtures. You have enough power to hurt someone right there where your children play. The other difference is price. Line voltage system are extremely expensive because of the legality and price of install. You need a licensed electrician to install a line voltage system because of the power. Low voltage systems are the way to go when it comes to outdoor
lighting. It is safe for your dogs and children, it is less expensive to install, and it flat out looks more professional. Don’t believe me? Let me show you.


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