Smart Water

In today’s world of being more conscious of our limited resources we at Custom
Touch Irrigation have decided to be better stewards of the environment,
therefore we choose “Smart Watering” over the old outdated way of irrigating
your lawn. What is smart watering you ask?
Smart watering takes environmental factors into account such as, soil type, slope,
sun vs. shady areas the amount of water used by your sprinkle types as well as
historical data and predictive weather patterns.
By using smart watering, you will notice that instead of one start time you may
have several different start times at shorter intervals. This helps to increase water
absorption rather than over watering and allowing the excess to simply run off
and down the drain and at the same time save you money, water and give you a
healthier lawn. After all, isn’t that the real desired outcome! One of the many
benefits to smart watering is that it takes into account future weather patterns
and predicts whether or not to water at a particular time due to the potential for
rain. Have you ever driven down the street during or just after a rain storm and
observed an irrigation system running? That is due to the old outdated way of
timed watering which is no longer efficient. This process wastes water and
money. So to summarize, Smart watering not only benefits you but also the
environment and water, a precious resource.

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